Upgrading from JSS 16.0 to JSS 18.0

  1. Update peer dependencies version.
  2. Update all @sitecore-jss/* packages to the latest 18.x version.
  3. For projects based on the "angular" sample: Upgrade Angular to version 11. Use Angular update guide.
  4. For projects based on the "nextjs" sample: Keep only one [[...path]] page if upgrading from the source code of the sample application. See the explanation for this in our Troubleshooting guide for Next.js.
  5. For compatibility with Edge schema, GraphQL queries (integrated and connected) are required to specify a $language argument.

API changes in sitecore-jss package

With the added support of GraphQL endpoints, the API surface area of JSS has essentially doubled. As a result, some reorganizing was done in the base packages, which causes breaking changes for how some services, classes and functions are exported.

If you are importing any of these into your project, the imports need to be updated per the table below.

Service Type JSS 16.0 API JSS 18.0 API change description
General data fetching
dataApi.fetchData fetchData exported directly
HttpResponse - no change
HttpJsonFetcher HttpDataFetcher renamed
AxiosDataFetcher - no change
AxiosDataFetcherConfig - no change
GraphQLRequestClient - no change
GraphQLRequestClientConfig new
Media API
mediaApi.* - no change
Layout Service & Route Data
dataApi.LayoutServiceConfig LayoutServiceConfig exported directly
dataApi.BaseRequestOptions X merged into LayoutServiceRequestOptions
dataApi.LayoutServiceRequestOptions* X removed
dataApi.fetchRouteData** - no change
dataApi.fetchPlaceholderData** - no change
LayoutService - no change
LayoutServiceRequestOptions - no change
RestLayoutService - no change
RestLayoutServiceConfig - no change
DataFetcherResolver - no change
LayoutServiceData - no change
LayoutServicePageState - no change
LayoutServiceContext - no change
LayoutServiceContextData - no change
X GraphQLLayoutService new
X GraphQLLayoutServiceConfig new
RouteData - no change
PlaceholderData - no change
ComponentRendering - no change
HtmlElementRendering - no change
Field - no change
Item - no change
PlaceholdersData - no change
ComponentFields - no change
ComponentParams - no change
getFieldValue - no change
getChildPlaceholder - no change
DictionaryPhrases - no change
DictionaryService - no change
DictionaryServiceData RestDictionaryServiceData renamed
RestDictionaryService - no change
RestDictionaryServiceConfig - no change
X GraphQLDictionaryService new
X GraphQLDictionaryServiceConfig new
isExperienceEditorActive - no change
isServer - no change
resetExperienceEditorChromes - no change
X resolveUrl new
X getAppRootId new
X constants new
X debug new
X Debugger new

* in JSS 16.0, dataApi.LayoutServiceRequestOptions was also exported as LayoutServiceRequestOptions. Only the dataApi.LayoutServiceRequestOptions export has been removed. Importing LayoutServiceRequestOptions is still valid.

** dataApi.fetchRouteData and dataApi.fetchPlaceholderData are deprecated and will be removed in a future release. These are the only two remaining exports from dataApi, so any references to dataApi should be removed.

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