Upgrading from JSS 14.0 to JSS 15.0

  1. Update peer dependencies version.
  2. Update all @sitecore-jss/* packages to the latest 15.x version.
  3. React sample:
    • Remove SitecoreContextFactory usages
    • Look at PR#456 in order to use latest SitecoreContext:
      • Remove usage of global variable ssrInitialState.
      • Pass __JSS_STATE__ into <AppRoot /> component
      • Use export default withSitecoreContext({ updatable: true })(RouteHandler) in order to get props.updateSitecoreContext and update context correctly
  4. Angular sample:
    • Look at PR#440 in order to upgrade from Angular 8 to Angular 10, major tips (more points described in Angular update guide):
      • Update angular.json
      • Update package.json packages and commands
      • Update server.bundle.ts:
        • Use renderModule instead of renderModuleFactory
        • Remove usage of LAZY_MODULE_MAP
        • Use AppServerModule instad of AppServerModuleNgFactory
      • In every file sitecore/definitions/components/*.ts define function name like here where it's similar as name property in manifest.addComponent({ name: 'StyleguideFieldUsageText', ... }). These changes were applied in order to resolve issue#326
      • Remove usage of ModuleMapLoaderModule
      • Add separate tsconfig.webpack-server.json to use commonjs module in order to run scripts and build server
    • Use Angular update guide
  5. sitecore-embedded-jss-app:
    • Look at PR#466 in order to remove usage of SitecoreContextFactory and use latest SitecoreContext

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