Manage your JavaScript app with a powerful Sitecore backend

Sitecore JSS offers front-end developer of whole new way of working and interacting with Sitecore. Building a JavaScript app on top of Sitecore has never been easier. Simply use your favorite JavaScript framework and leverage the Sitecore capabilities to power your applications.


Sitecore JSS includes a handy Node-based command line tool to make it easy to get started and maintain your application.


Code-first or Sitecore-first; choose the development workflow that suits your situation best.

Application Integration

With a code-first approach, your app can be imported into Sitecore XP, and JSS will take care of the generation of all the necessary artifacts.

Cross Platform

Support for physically decoupled "headless" deployments. Deploy your app "headlessly" to any platform that runs server-side JavaScript.

Ease of deployment

Your web app is a nimble self-contained JS bundle, easier to deploy and manage.


Use CDN’s, proxies, and Node.js server to scale your applications.


Use GraphQL to query Sitecore and retrieve the data you need in the most efficient way.

Server-side rendering

JSS supports headless server-side rendering using any service that supports hosting Node.js applications.

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