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Integrated GraphQL in JSS Apps

With integrated GraphQL, the format of the route data returned for a specific component by the Sitecore Layout Service can be modified into the result of a GraphQL query.


When the Sitecore Layout Service renders a page, it returns a JSON representation of the layout of the page and the data for each component. Normally the component data is a set of fields from the Sitecore datasource item. Integrated GraphQL lets you re-shape this into a GraphQL query result.


  • Define a Sitecore GraphQL endpoint that has the schema you wish to query. Get this working first, and play with the schema using GraphiQL ($endpointUrl/ui) to ensure it works. Generally the endpoint should be defined using the JSS app's config patch file (stored under /sitecore/config in the JSS app, but can also be stored with Sitecore).
  • Attach your JSS app to the GraphQL endpoint. On the JSS <app> definition, add a graphQLEndpoint property pointing to the url of the endpoint. xml <app name="MyJssApp" graphQLEndpoint="/sitecore/api/jssbasicapp" />

Sitecore-first Apps

Integrated GraphQL operates by storing the GraphQL query in the Component GraphQL Query field on the component's rendering item. For example the GraphQL sample app sets a query on /sitecore/layout/Renderings/JssBasicAppGraphQL/IntegratedPage.

GraphQL Field

The Open xGraph Browser button will open the GraphiQL query editor and prefill the current query value so that you can edit and test it. The query is not auto-saved back into Sitecore; copy and paste the modified query back when done.

When a layout request is received by Sitecore, if a component defines a GraphQL query that is not empty, the query is executed against the JSS app's graphQLEndpoint, in-process and the result replaces the normal rendering field values that would be returned.

Code-first (manifest-driven) Apps

In a code-first app the actual mechanism for the query is identical to a Sitecore-first application, but the GraphQL query to execute is provided on the JSS manifest and imported into the Sitecore item field.

To define an integrated GraphQL query for a component:

  • Find the component's manifest definition (normally /sitecore/definitions/components/ComponentName.sitecore.js)

  • Create a parallel .graphql file to store the query, e.g. /sitecore/definitions/components/ComponentName.sitecore.graphql

  • Set the graphQLQuery property when defining the component, for example:

    import { readFileSync } from 'fs';
    const query = readFileSync(
    export default manifest => {
            name: "ComponentName",
            graphQLQuery: query

Using readFileSync to include the GraphQL query is recommended so the query file can be linted, but literal strings are also allowed. Parsed GraphQL query ASTs (using graphql-tag's gql helper) are not allowed.

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